Deploration of Christ around 1500

Deploration of Christ around 1500


Deploration of Christ in carved walnut, polychrome
with a base decorated with a shield with the inscription IHS,
from the Loire Valley region, circa 1500


Further information

Dimensions 82 × 98 cm




The Deploration represents, in addition to Christ and his Mother
the figures present at the foot of the Cross, St John, the favourite apostle and Mary Madeline.

Here, the sculptor has chosen to make Mary higher than the others, in a position of piety, with her hands joined, she carries Christ on her knees.
Because of her height, Mary, the mother, has the most important place. This distinguishes her from the other figures.
She is recognisable by her veil and cloak, which are blue and red, the colours associated with her. On the base, the letters IHS are inscribed, which is an ancient abbreviation of the name of Jesus Christ, the so-called 'Christogram'.