Dish, Saint Laurent, attributed to Jacques LAUDIN II

Dish, Saint Laurent, attributed to Jacques LAUDIN II


Jacques de LAUDIN II, (1663-1729)
is one of the great enamellers of Limoges in France.
Saint Laurent is represented here in the centre, a very beautiful frieze of flowers surrounds the saint. The cup is also very finely decorated on the back

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Dimensions 82 × 98 cm




Limoges is known for the high quality of its enamel and its artists who knew how to reinvent themselves at each period. Enamel appeared as early as the 12th century, and its production was essentially religious.
Workers from the world of goldsmiths, their status changed in the 16th century. They paid more attention to style and detail and considered themselves to be painters, even signing their work.

Jacques LAUDIN II, worked in the Faubourg de Magnine, one of the districts of Limoges known for its enamel art.

Saint Lawrence of Rome was born between 220 and 225 in Huesca, Aragon, Spain. He was martyred on a grill in Rome in 258 as a deacon of Pope Sixtus II. This is the grill he is holding in his hands, a classic representation in art.