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Watercolor, Lake Leman by Alexandre NOZAL | Galerie Saint Martin Antiquités Paris

Watercolor, Lake Leman by Alexandre NOZAL

Watercolor, Lake Leman by Alexandre NOZAL


Alexandre NOZAL 1852-1929

A French painter, the youngest of 4 children born to a wood and coal merchant, his family opposed his passion and he ran away.
Tracked down by his brother, whom he convinced of his passion, his family decided to enroll him in the Beaux-Arts school.
There, he learned painting from the great masters of his time: Henri Harpignies, Camille Corot.....

Further information

Dimensions 70 × 48 cm

From 1876 onwards, he exhibited at all the Salons of his day.
He won bronze, silver and gold medals for several years in a row (81-82-83-89-90).

Alexandre Nozal has a real passion for landscape, like his contemporaries Harpignies and Corot with whom he painted.
For this, he travels all over France by bicycle, setting up his easel here and there, painting in the open air.
His palette and his touch change according to his career and the places where he is.
Critics classify him as a Barbizon painter, as a post-impressionist painter or as a fauve painter!

From Brittany, to the Jura to the Ardèche, passing through Switzerland and Algeria, there are many regions that attract and inspire him.

He mainly paints on paper in travel journals, using gouache, watercolor or pastel.
His landscapes of lakes and seascapes often have the same construction.
A broad perspective with several planes