Oil on canvas, Interior of a flat by Gaston Hoffmann

Oil on canvas, Interior of a flat by Gaston Hoffmann

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Gaston HOFFMANN (1833-1977),
student at the Beaux-arts, at the Julian academy and then at the Beaux-arts of Nancy, is a painter with multiple facets.
He also worked for the famous Daum factory in Nancy, with which he met with great success.

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91 cm


107.5 cm

Gaston Hoffmann has a real talent for colouring.

The flat is cheerful and bright, the artist uses a cameo of yellow and pink, with touches of green here and there.
He plays perfectly with contrasts and luminosity: the pastel pink cushion on the yellow-striped sofa, the light reflected in the mirror, the crystal of the chandelier pendants

It is a beautiful Haussmannian flat interior, which is offered to our eyes

The painter reveals his knowledge and technical mastery of furniture through striking details:
the finely sculpted bronzes of the chest of drawers the crosspiece of the Louis XVI table and the fluting of the stool